Machining & Fabrication

CNC Machining

Computerized numerical control is the most practical method for volume production runs of machined components. CNC offers the highest quality precision machining, turning and milling available. Our CNC machines enable us to work on both aerospace projects as well as mining, construction and industrial components.

Engine Lathes

The engine lathe is the workhorse of any full-service machine shops. The lathes in our shop range in swing capacity from 12 inches to 62 inches in diameter with the capacity of handling stock as long as 32 feet. These lathes enable our skilled journeymen to manage jobs of various sizes. They are ideal for smaller volume production runs, one-of-a-kind custom projects, and repairing and rebuilding of equipment components both large and small.

Milling and Drilling

Boring Machine

Our Milling and drilling machinery covers the full spectrum of need from small, precise work to large gear housing, loader arms and line boring. The horizontal mill pictured here is equipped with a three-axis digital read-out, allowing control to especially close tolerances.

Welding and Fabrication

We have all the basic welding and fabrication capabilities in-house, including alloy wire build-up, submerged arc welding, and automatic electric-eye torch cutting. This insures total fabrication from the smallest to the largest jobs.

Honing machines

Our state-of-the art honing machines allow us to handle components 26 inches in diameter to 12 feet in length. We can meet or exceed OEM specifications on both size and surface finish.

Hard Chrome Plating Facility

To provide faster turn-around and cost saving for our customers, Rocky Mountain Machine Shop has an in-house hard chome plating facility. Included are the latest in rectifiers, environmental controls, tanks and related equipment to handle all our customers’ needs. Rigid quality control is maintained with weekly chemical analysis and balancing. This gives us the highest control on hard chrome build-up and overall plating quality.

Rebuild and Repair

We rebuild and repair hydraulic and air cylinders, buckets and attachments, suspensions, starters, pumps, valves, motors, hydraulic and air controls and many other components of light and heavy equipment, both mobile and stationary. We repair and rebuild components that meet or exceed OEM specifications to help our customers reduce operating costs and down time.

Bucket Manufacturing

We offer a one-stop machine shop, providing virtually every service and skill needed for custom manufacturing of components for light and heavy equipment used in mining, industrial and construction applications. We also provide design services to create new components or to improve existing components to fill the individual needs of our customers, users, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).