Lodge & Shipley Lathe Turns Parts Up To 32 Inches Diameter and 32 Feet Long


Lodge & Shipley

Number in Service:



Turning, boring, threading & machining tapers

Part Sizes:

  • 32 inch diameter
  • 32 feet long


+/- .0005

Typical Operator Experience:

Typical Machinist Has 25 Plus Years Experience

25 plus years

Typical Applications:

  • Reconditioning or manufacturing hydraulic cylinder rods to OEM specifcications
  • Turning parts up to 32 inches in diameter and up to 32 feet long
  • Turning inside diameters up to 28 inches and 10 feet long
  • Machining tapered threads and standard threads from 2-TPI up to 64-TPI
  • Boring holes to very close tolerances
  • Honing cylinders to OEM specifications